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Site Maintenance

Hello everyone!

Its your favorite webmaster, MajorLinux from MajorsHouse.com and TheMSZero.com! I have a bit of news for you guys in regards to the maintenance of the two aforementioned sites!

We are in the process of working on some off-site backups for the sites. Unfortunately, this means that there will be some heavy bandwidth being used on our end to send all the data and may cause some site instability during that time.

While the website has been properly backed up on- and off-site, the bulk of the data is coming from the old server which was doing hosting at one point but is now mainly in charge of email and home printing for me.

Seeing as I’ve been using that computer for years, it stands to reason that that machine will have the more to backup  than the server that was built just over a month ago.

Thank you for your understanding and we are hoping to have everything back to normal operating procedure in the coming days!


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