Life: Beauty in the Simplest Things

I, for one, am a very complex man. However, I do find very simple things interesting and, dare I say, beautiful…

Right now, I’m sitting in one of the dining areas overlooking the water on the port side of the ship. I’ve fallen in love with this side of the ship as today, I spent most of the morning (and a good part of the afternoon watching us sail past Cuba (and might have caught a glimpse of Havana).

I’ve been sitting here writing a few posts and discussing a few options with Tiffany about what to do once we reach land. During breaks between conversations and typing, I find myself looking outside. At the moment, there is nothing but water. Beautiful, blue water. I saw a ship maybe an hour ago, and after taking a picture of it, saw that there was land further out. But, for the most part, its just been nothing but water.

Between this and not having any communication with the outside world outside of a television in my room and the EA Sports bar where I can watch ESPN all day (or the ship’s version of ESPN), I think I might have determined what I want in a vacation. I just want things to be simple! No complications due to the madness that is life.

I’m sure going to miss this…

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