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British Fine Sony £250,000 For 2011 PSN Outage

So, apparently our friends across the pond are still a little salty over what happened a couple of years ago.

A UK government agency that had been looking into the events surrounding the now infamous PlayStation Network outage back during April of 2011 have wrapped up their investigation and decided that Sony should be find £250,000 ($395,000) for what they call a “serious breach of the Data Protection Act.”  They stated that, even though the information was gained through nefarious methods, the fact that so much personal information went out the door is partly Sony’s fault because it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Of course, Sony isn’t taking this lying down and will be appealing the decision.  SCEE mentioned that the agency essentially pointed out that Sony was clearly the victim in all of this and that there was no evidence that the information gained from the breach was actually used.  It probably is worth mentioning that Sony had also hired a security specialist to make sure that the incident doesn’t happen again.

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