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PSN To Soon Allow PayPal Transactions

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This is good news for me and everyone else who is still a little skeptical about putting their credit card information in Sony Entertainment Network’s databases.

If you visit their site and attempt to add funds to your wallet, you will see a third option available inviting you to use PayPal.  The only problem is that when you are being redirected to PayPal, it fails to do so throwing the following error:

We’re sorry, but your payment resulted in an error. The problem has been reported to our operational staff and will be fixed as soon as possible. Please select another payment method or try again at a later time.

It should also be pointed out that, if you try this at home, the redirect URL points you to “” is a UK-based payment processing company for businesses and is probably what Sony is using to handle their credit card payments now.  It seems that they are still trying to iron out issues and will possibly be ready (or at least close to ready) when they release the web-based PlayStation Store.


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