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Google Partners with Multiple Car Manufacturers to Feature Google Maps


Google, not content with staying within its self-driving Toyota Prii, the search giant announced that they will be taking their talents to South Korea.

Google and Kia Motors have partnered together to bring Google Maps to the new 2014 Kia Sorento, which should be going on sale in the next couple of months.  The Maps and Places services will be used to augment the UVO eServices system being built into the cars, made famous by Blake Griffin and his time-traveling Kia Optima.


What’s odd about this deal is that Kia actually already has a UVO app out, but its for iOS.  There is an Android version that is expected to be released in the second quarter. This enables a “Send-to-car” feature that will allow owners to send data to the on-board system.

Google is not just stopping at Kia as it was also announced that they will be hooking up with Hyundai by integrating its mapping features into the auto manufacture’s Blue Link system.  There is a caveat with this as Nokia currently has some dealing with Hyundai as well to push its Navteq mapping platform.

I wonder how Google’s going to get out of this jam…

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